• Glasshouse


    Glass greenhouse appearance modern, novel, stable structure, visual fluency, lig

  • Sunlight greenhouse

    Sunlight greenhouse

    Sunshine plate greenhouse spans three roofs, modern appearance, stable structure

  • Triangle greenhouse

    Triangle greenhouse

    The triangular greenhouse has large span, spacious and bright, stable structure,

  • Arc greenhouse

    Arc greenhouse

    The arc greenhouse is an economical greenhouse, which is popular with users due

  • Courtyard greenhouse

    Courtyard greenhouse

    With the development of China's greenhouse industry, various forms of small gree

  • Sightseeing Greenhou

    Sightseeing Greenhou

    Sightseeing greenhouses add new bright points to people's leisure tourism and in

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Founded in early 1992, the Nine-Day Agricultural Engineering Co., Ltd. has developed into a professional greenhouse engineering company with certain influence both at home and abroad, thanks to the government's sustained and stable policy of enriching the people and the unremitting efforts of all nine-day employees.

The company's headquarters is located in Langfang City, known as the "Pearl of Beijing-Tianjin Corridor". It covers an area of more than 100,000 square meters and has a total assets of 200 million yuan. The company has more than 500 employees, of which 90% of the management staff have bachelor's degree or above, and nearly 40% of the production staff have received tertiary and secondary education. It is a high-quality staff with good adaptability to the new economy.

The company's main products are all kinds of intelligent multi-span greenhouses, modern livestock and poultry pens, tempered glass and related ancillary facilities, is the highest degree of specialization of domestic manufacturers of biological environment. The organizational structure of the company adopts the department management mode, which is divided into five departments: galvanizing, steel structure, agricultural engineering, biotechnology, irrigation and horticulture. Each department is complementary to each other, and owns its own main direction of attack because of the different specialty division of labor, which ensures that all the systems of the terminal product - greenhouse engineering can be in the leading level in the industry, so that the whole greenhouse engineering has professional quality assurance.

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China's greenhouse market is in the early stage of development, many production specifications have not yet formulated national standards, most manufacturers are small and medium-sized enterprises, and even some representative manufacturers in the market are also lack of corresponding production and processing capacity. Because the main steel structure of greenhouse is in the high temperature and humidity environment for a long time, it requires high quality anticorrosion performance, and metal surface treatment such as galvanizing must be carried out in the production process. This special production requirement, many greenhouse traders adopt the household workshop type of cooperative processing mode, so it can not be realized. The factory production line has caused a lot of environmental pollution and destruction, and the product quality is low to meet the market demand and the competition demand after China's entry into WTO.

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