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Arc greenhouse

Characteristics of arc greenhouse

The arc greenhouse is an economical greenhouse, which is popular with users due to its beautiful arc shape and low cost. The arc roof is beautiful and easy to read. The structural steel has small volume and good heat preservation performance.

Greenhouse materials

The main structure of the greenhouse adopts cold rolled hot galvanized pipe, galvanized bolt connection, good anticorrosive property.

Main body configuration

According to user requirements, we can configure indoor and outdoor shading, skylight side windows ventilation, water curtain, fan cooling and other facilities.


Service life

For more than 15 years, the inflatable membrane will be replaced once every 3-5 years.

General design technical parameters

Wind resistance load:0.5KN/㎡

Anti snow load:0.35KN/㎡

Greenhouse constant load:10KG/㎡

Maximum rainfall:140㎜/h

Hanging load:15kg/㎡

It can also be designed according to different users.

Cover material

The top of the greenhouse is covered with 15-wire double-layer polyethylene drip-free longevity film. The outer layer is UV-proof and the inner layer is dew-proof. The wall around the greenhouse is covered with 15-wire polyethylene drip-free longevity film or polycarbonate hollow board. The wall around the greenhouse can also be changed according to the requirements of users.


Greenhouses specifications

The arc greenhouse can be divided into 8.0m arc greenhouse and 9.0m arc greenhouse according to the span:


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