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Trigonometric greenhouses

Characteristics of big triangle greenhouse

The large triangle greenhouse has a large span, bright and spacious, stable structure, strong wind and snow resistance, good ventilation effect, and provides a large space for internal facilities and personnel flow. It is an ornamental greenhouse.

Main body configuration

According to users' requirements, we can install inside and outside shading, skylight side window ventilation, water curtain fan cooling and other facilities.


Service life

Main body for more than 20 years

General design technical parameters

Wind resistance load:0.35KN/㎡

Anti snow load:0.5KN/㎡

Greenhouse hanging load:15.5kg/㎡

Maximum rainfall in Greenhouse:140㎜/h

It can also be designed according to different users.

Greenhouse materials

The main structure of the greenhouse adopts cold rolled hot galvanized pipe, galvanized bolt connection, good anticorrosive property.

Cover material

The roof is covered with polycarbonate hollow panels, and the walls around are polycarbonate hollow panels according to the conventional requirements. According to the difference of regional climate conditions, in some cold areas (such as Jilin, Heilongjiang and other places), the northern wall is covered with composite insulation panels, and push-pull windows or overturned side windows can be installed according to user requirements.



Greenhouses specifications

The big triangle greenhouse can be divided into 8 meters, glass greenhouse and 6 meter glass greenhouse according to the span.


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