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Characteristics of glass greenhouse

Glass greenhouse appearance modern, novel, stable structure, visual fluency, light transmittance is very strong, can be as high as 90%, strong snow resistance.

Main body configuration

Can be configured with internal and external shading, skylight side window ventilation, water curtain fan cooling facilities, other configuration users can choose according to planting needs.


Service life

Main body for more than 20 years

General design technical parameters

Wind resistance load:0.6KN/㎡

Anti snow load:0.5KN/㎡

Greenhouse constant load:15kg/㎡

Maximum rainfall in Greenhouse:140mm/h

It can also be designed according to the user's geographical location.

Greenhouse structure

The main structure adopts cold-rolled double-sided hot-dip galvanized pipe, covering material adopts 4mm thick float glass, glass inlay adopts greenhouse special aluminum alloy profiles, glass edge and aluminum alloy profiles using anti-aging ethylene-propylene rubber strip seals.


Greenhouses specifications

The glass greenhouse can be divided into 9.6 meters and 6.4 meters according to the span. The specific size is shown in the table below.


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