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Main materials of greenhouse

One.Sunshine board

Sunshine board is commonly known as polycarbonate board, it is a non-crystalline, thermoplastic engineering plastics, with excellent strength, rigidity, hardness, toughness and fracture resistance of the comprehensive properties.

Types: double deck, three laminates and wave plates.

Color: transparent and translucent.




The main varieties are:

Anti aging, long life, no drop film to prevent condensation of water vapor or mist.

Pest control functional membrane.

Light conversion film that can increase photosynthesis of crops.

Special greenhouse film for leaf vegetables.

All kinds of coloured functional films can be dimmed, shaded, heat insulated and cooled.

Among them, the three layer co extruded composite agricultural film is widely used because of its good performance.


1.the strength of glass is high, but its impact resistance is poor, its weight is large and its size is small.

2.the physical stability of glass, has good anti-corrosion, flame retardancy.

3.glass has high transmittance, up to 90%, and does not decay with time.

4.Under normal circumstances, glass does not need to be tested for aging, as long as there is no breakage, the service life of glass can reach more than 20 years.


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