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Since our company entered the industry, we have been digesting and absorbing the advanced technology of imported products, while abandoning the production defects of other domestic companies, and constantly innovating in production technology. In view of the particularity of production environment and the complexity of steel structure production, our company has taken the lead in realizing the industrialization of steel structure parts in the industry. Line production.

Traditionally, most of the substrates used for welded pipes are hot-rolled strips. The main drawbacks are poor mechanical properties, low tensile strength and low surface finish. Pickling and rust removal are necessary before galvanizing, which results in bad production environment and low tensile strength. The usage of structural steel is also increased accordingly. The cold rolled strip with superior performance is selected as the substrate in our company. Combined with the improved Sendzimir process, not only the pickling process is avoided, but also the environmental protection problem is solved because of the cold rolling. The surface of rolled strip is more smooth, the corrosion point is reduced, the service life is prolonged, and the amount of structural steel is reduced. It can completely meet the high performance anticorrosion requirements under specific production environment.

Some domestic companies do not have their own production workshop, no supporting equipment for the production of components, all components purchased only through other manufacturers, often can not guarantee the quality of components and the uniformity of the appearance of components, our company has its own workshop and excellent processing equipment, some of the main components can be based on design requirements. It is not limited by the specifications of fixed folding machine and other equipment. It provides a variety of selectivity for structural design. The production efficiency is 30 times higher than that of traditional production.

At present, our company's engineering systems are in the leading level in the industry, has developed into a certain influence at home and abroad professional engineering companies, the company builds more than 500,000 square meters a year, the materials used are the company's products, the majority of users praise, while we also supply components according to customer requirements, now With China's entry into WTO, the nine-day steel component factory production will have a broader prospect.

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