Spiritual Food Home is a new product launched by Nine Days Agriculture. The original intention of this product is to explore and solve the problems of low investment efficiency and slow development of domestic pure production greenhouse industry, and try to find the combination point between modern agriculture and urban service industry, so that modern agriculture will be closer to and more harmonious with its own development. Serve the life of modern people. Stay in the open and simulated natural environment, and taste fresh, nuisance free food. You can look up at the blue sky and white clouds and listen to the water flowing away from the noise of the city. Giving the traditional restaurant a new concept of health and leisure is the biggest feature.

Nine-day agriculture, relying on the leading greenhouse manufacturing technology, integrated gardens, biotechnology and many other advantages, will also be introduced in the market to meet different investment requirements of personalized products, large or small, or gardens or ecology, regardless of your investment size we will help you find the best overall solution. And through modular design, intensive construction to reduce early investment, by helping customers achieve product, service and operation model standardization to enhance our owners'competitiveness.

Next, we will plan to build green food production base, semi-finished product processing and distribution center, professional training base and other facilities, launch the "open shop worry-free plan" for investors around the location, design, construction, logistics and operation of a full range of professional shop guidance and unified brand support.

To return to nature is the most real and sustained emotion in modern man's heart.

Food for the soul

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